About Pintmeisters

PintMeisters is the brainchild of Dennis Gaynor, Dan Mathisen and Brendan Drury, all from Verona, NJ. The organization was formed in an effort to organize social events for young people to mingle and experience some variety and fun, while helping out local organizations.

Our goal is to organize events and raise money that will be donated to local charities, on both small and large scales. While all PintMeisters events are focused on maximizing the enjoyment of all members and attendees, we feel it would be a bit selfish on our part to spend so much time hosting events for ourselves without giving something back to causes much greater than our own.

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Who We Are

Brendan Drury

Brendan Drury event planner

Brendan coordinates our events with our venues. He works with owners and managers to set up events and to to ensure that we create a great environment for our members.

Dennis Gaynor

Dennis Gaynor financing

Dennis handles all finances involved with our events. This includes t-shirt sales, handling proceeds from events and making sure that all proceeds are donated to the appropriate charities.

Dan Mathisen

Dan Mathisen web & graphic designer

Dan created this amazing website and designs all flyers, graphics, etc. He's also in charge of all email blasts that are sent to our members.

Andrew Zebrowski

Andrew Zebrowski marketing & pr

Andrew does PM's marketing and PR, including updating our Facebook and Twitter pages.

PintMeisters founders Dennis Gaynor, Dan Mathisen, Brendan Drury
PintMeisters founders Dennis Gaynor, Dan Mathisen, Brendan Drury