Rules and Guidelines

  • You must be 21 or over to attend any event. You must have a valid id and we will not be responsible for anyone who is not 21.
  • Be nice. We're here to have fun so please be courteous of the bars, bartenders, and the people around you. If, for any reason, someone gets flagged from or kicked out of an establishment, we must respect that decision. We will not be responsible for people that run into such problems due to lack of respect.
  • If we receive complaints about another member or if we see you being disrespectful to others, we reserve the right to remove anyone from an event or even ban members from future events. Don't be an ass... we're all here to have fun.
  • This is not a competition and we are not here to get as drunk as possible. We are here to have drinks and to hang out with friends.
  • And always rock out and have a great time!


What is Pintmeisters? Pintmeisters is an organization that hosts events (bar crawls, open bars, etc) and donates proceeds to charity? See the about us page for more details.

How does Pintmeisters benefit from this? Our benefit from all this is the same as all other members - to enjoy ourselves in a variety of social settings, while giving something back to causes much greater than our own.

What does membership cost? $0. There are no fees or any costs involved in becoming a member. To sign up for Pintmeisters, simply visit the sign up page, provide your name and email and we'll send email announcements regarding our events.

Privacy Policy

We will never share, sell or rent individual personal information with anyone ever. Personal information will be used only to contact members regarding upcoming events or provide information regarding important updates. Registered users can always opt out of the mailing list and their information will be deleted permanently.