Easter Bar Hop 2014

Easter Bar Hop 2014

April 12, 2014

Village Pourhouse, Hoboken


Lent is now upon us, and when it reaches the end
Is a time of celebration, for the PintMeisters and their friends.

So join our NEW Easter crawl, if you desire challenges and good times,
And like solving riddles, veiled in slightly corny rhymes.

This year there are no eggs, and no hunting to be done,
For this is a quest of knowledge, and beer and shots and fun.

There are riddles meant to stump you, as you race from bar to bar
In solving these riddles you progress, so the clever will go far.

The worthy will win the grand prize, if they arrive first to the top,
So come out and join us for the PintMeisters Easter Bar Hop.

The goal of this event is for each team to navigate through a secret list of bars in the downtown Hoboken area. Bars will be unlocked one at a time by solving riddles to reveal the bar list and order. Drink specials will be completed at each bar before the next clue can be revealed. Team captains will upload team photos for the Pintmeisters to confirm once bars are attended and drink requirements are met. Riddles will be sent to team captains via text.

The first team to successfully solve all the riddles, visit every bar on their specific list, and in the correct order, and complete the drink specials will be declared the winner.

Participation fee: $30 includes entry, charity donation to The Jubilee Center in Hoboken and 90 minute open bar after party / awards.


  • All teams will meet at the Village Pourhouse in Hoboken at 1pm. Here all teams (of 5-8 people) will check in. Your team captain will handle all transactions (texts, picture uploads, etc) with a designated Pintmeister.

  • Your team will be given a unique starting bar. All teams will receive confirmation of the event start with their first riddle, which when solved will reveal the next bar stop and drink specials. IMPORTANT: Your starting bar can come into play during the event, so never rule it out as an answer.

  • At each stop, teams will send their designated Pintmeister a team photo confirming they are at the bar with designated drinks. When photos are received there will be a 10 minute wait period to have a drink, use the bathroom, chat, enjoy. After the short break, your team will be sent a riddle to solve revealing the next stop.

  • The first team to solve all the riddles and complete each bar on the list, in the correct order, will be the day's winner and receive the Bar Hop grand prize.

Teams will receive 3 guesses for each riddle, so choose your answers wisely. If your first guess is incorrect, there will be a 5 minute waiting period before you can guess again. If your second guess is incorrect, there will be a 15 minute waiting period. At that point, your team will receive a clue from the Pintmeisters to help you on your journey.

After completing the hunt, all teams are invited back to Village Pourhouse for a 90 minute hour open bar and winners announcement.

Portion of the proceeds of this event will be donated to The Jubilee Center in Hoboken.

Please assemble your teams of 5-8 people and all are encouraged to coordinate and wear Easter colors. The maximum number of teams is 10.

IMPORTANT: This event is going to have a solely digital format so please make sure to have a team captain with a fully charged cell phone. The vast majority of this event will involve texting/sending/posting photos so please come prepared.

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